Forgotten Histories

Session 9 - The Oracle

As Hatter and Soldier walked the town, they realized that they were seeing new guards in town, men dressed in the old Highpeak uniforms (like the uniform that Lefty started in). They questioned one, and learned that he was a fortress soldier, one of the ones that attacked the village, now working for Not-Aquilinus, along with two or three volunteers from the village.

Hatter and Soldier then went to the old Consul’s house, where they would eventually meet with Helesse. While waiting, Hatter browsed the various village history books and was able to confirm his thought: that the Priestess of Bisd was in fact not a priestess (the village had been without one for 11 years).

Helesse arrived, and with the newest stone was able to tell Hatter his true name: Julian. She then revealed all that she was able to learn from Not-Aquilinus’s journal.

She learned that his true name was Marcus. He has memories of travelling with many of his current fellow guards outside of the village, and under the command of Vitellian. He served Vitellian willingly (along with his soldiers), and was never under any mind control. He admits being ‘brutal’ in his actions, sending people off to the mines for what he knew was a death sentence. He knew from the start of the awakening that he and his men were not the original guards, and banned anyone else from coming into the barracks in fear that they would find out. He fears Captain Rex and whether he will try to take control of the village as well.

Plans were made, and the Ricimers were tasked with taking the one still-wounded fortress soldier back to the fortress, and in gaining Captain Rex’s aid in taking down Not-Aquilinus when the group returned from their trip to the study (and possibly for Rex to send scouts into the village, inviting them to hide out within Aquilinus’s house’s hidden basement).

They confronted Priestess Domitia, and told her that they knew her secret. She feigned ignorance, but they pressed, and finally she broke down. She was given the final shards, and Hatter and Soldier promised to keep her secret, and let her stay as the priestess, so long as she swore her backing to Helesse in the upcoming turmoil.

Domitia mentioned that she knew a lot of bits of social information about the people of the village, like that herder Trenton Merenda’s wife has been missing for some time. The group remembered the female skeleton from the mines that wore a wedding band bearing that name, and declared her, sadly, found.

They quickly then shared the stones with the younger man from the inn, who remembered that he is in fact the son of the innkeeper (the larger woman with the wig(s)), that the two-year-old girl with them is not related to the two of them, and that he was once engaged to the Merenda daughter, but she was killed a small time ago by demonic hounds.

After a final night, they scurried over the rockslide and finally on to the old road. They travelled on and on, finally finding the pass that seemed to lead to the study (thanks to the spyglass in Soldier’s possession). Evidence was found that the mind-controlled slave passed this way, and with raw seer stone with him.

Up that lost pass they traveled, until turning around an outcropping of rock they saw the study, a 60’ tall square tower of stone with a massive hole in the front of the first floor.

Beyond the tower, a strange structure stood, just barely visible to the group’s spyglass. A standing crescent of gray stone with a basin or ring near the bottom. The spyglass also showed the gray structure, and a low tomb that stood next to it, to be enchanted.

A trail of blood led from a sudden pool up into the main entrance of the study.

It also showed a chimera nesting within the bottom floor of the tower.

Hatter and Q ventured forward, sneaking around the edge of the valley towards the crescent structure as Dirk and Soldier stayed a bit away and kept an eye on the chimera.

Once there, Hatter and Q got to inspecting. Q discovered the writings upon the two tombs, declaring them to be the final resting places of Aristiphus the Diviner and (presumably) his wife Tela (Tela, my Oracle). The tomb of Tela, which stood nestled up against the seer stone statue, radiated magic.

Hatter moved to the statue, and poured water into the large basin built into it. Using a ritual, he blessed the water.

Once finished, he happened to look up and see a figure looking at him from the top story of the study, which quickly disappeared. It was within seconds that roars were heard from the chimera (there were now two within the study being watched by Soldier and Dirk), and out they came with death in their eyes.

Dirk charged quickly as the chimera split, one straight out at the two warriors awaiting it, the other, a larger chimera with a blue shard stuck to its head, heading instantly around the corner to go straight at Hatter, who stood beside the seer stone statue.

Hatter played cat-and-mouse around the statue as Q blasted it with fire from the tree line, all while Soldier and Dirk dealt swiftly with the younger chimera.

When Hatter was far too close to not being able to take any more, Dirk charged in and plunged his lance into the larger beast, putting it to an end.

As Soldier pulled the shard from its head, Hatter opened the tomb of Tela, and enspected it quickly. He found within a perfectly preserved body, killed long ago by sword and knife. He dropped a small ring from his possession into the tomb and closed it as the shard was passed around…

Session 8 - The Mine

The group decided to spend the night within the fortress, but their sleep was interrupted by Hatter’s screams as he seemed to burst into flames while meditating. The scars upon his chest flared up, and though he was unhurt, most of the fortress was awakened and saw the spectacle.

Q made an attempt to force his will upon the shards in the group’s possession, but found himself unable to do so, mostly because he felt as if the shards were currently under another person’s (or creature’s, or thing’s) control.

Finally, with the late morning sun, the group travelled into the mines once again.

Within the first tunnel of the mines, they travelled past the point of the tunnel where they had previously fought zombies and a skeleton before being forced to flee. The skeleton they still found wandering around, and quickly dispatched it. Upon its finger they found a woman’s wedding ring marked only with “Merenda” upon it.

Traveling on, they made it to the mine’s refinement room, where they found evidence any raw seer stone that had existed here had been moved within the past few weeks. Hatter took the opportunity to perform a ritual upon the room, sanctifying it as a possible fall-back room in case of emergency.

Travelling on and ever downward, guided by Hatter’s map (stolen from the fortress), they finally reached the point where the mine turned to rough, shoddy workmanship, and soon after the dead bodies of the Urum begin to become more and more frequent. They soon found a bale-fire torch, and proceeded with rushed caution.

Within a final cavern, the group found the fire demoness waiting, but the blue shard in her head had left her a confused, corrupted mess. Upon seeing her, Hatter walked forward, and in a slightly defeated tone, stated “It’s me, the Chronicler.”

The demoness began to yell at him, telling him that she knows him, asking where ‘he’ was, and glaring at Dirk, whom she also seemed to recognize but not be able to place.

Hatter talked, fending off and postponing her desires to sick her hounds upon the group, as Soldier and Dirk held strong beside him, ready. Finally, Hatter convinced her to allow him to pull the shard from her head, and that allowed her her memories back.

She spoke to Hatter of a ritual, of Dirk’s interference with it, and of a son that they share.

The shard quickly got passed around the group, restoring memories to them all. Hatter convinced the demoness to allow him to leave, threatening to kill himself if she interfered. She threatened in turn, and vowed to come after him (and Dirk) later, after their son was found.

Leaving the mine (quickly), the group shared a few of their new memories with each other. Q shared that his old master’s plan seems to have been to use the Lore Stone shards to control the criminals and ‘undesirables’ of the area, and possibly turn them into ‘happy’ slave labor. Soldier remembered Lefty (Aquilinus), and Lefty’s brother Cornelius, who appears to be the armed drunkard that they have dealt with on occasion. Hatter admitting having memories of the demoness, who first appeared to him as a human and tricked him into bed, and later carved the symbols upon his chest into him. Dirk remembered rescuing Hatter from the scaring, interrupting whatever the demoness was doing, and giving her a cut in the process.

They ran from the mine to the fortress, got Captain Rex’s permission to collapse the mine, which was given, and quickly done with the use of the staff of stoneshaping.

It was decided that they would move quickly to what they believed on the map to be Aristiphus’s study. A day spent in the village let them gather mountaineering supplies. Dirk took the day to pass the new shard to those that they trusted, including the priest of Daneel who realized that this day was the day that he needed to cast his ritual upon the great chimera skeleton in town, which was just starting to wake as the ritual was finally performed.

Soldier travelled out to the cave by the road to check on young Ricimer and her horses. She passed to him the enchanted gray stone, and found everything well taken care of.

Session 7 - Claiming a Fortress

The morning saw a great snowstorm hit the mountain village of Highpeak, which lasted throughout most of the day. The group gathered their supplies within Q’s wagon, hitched it to a horse, and made their way down the rocky path in the fresh snow towards the fortress. Sergeant Pulcher and two of his men joined the group, fully willing to help set free their comrades.

The pass was getting the better of the storm, the high sides blocking the winds and snow from gathering too much or interfering with vision within.

Strategies were formed, and the wagon left behind. Finally the group charged the fortress. Q rode on Dirk’s horse up to the gate to begin stone shaping the ground under the portcullis and door, as Hatter and Soldier charged on to the main gate. The mind-controlled fortress soldiers rained bolts down upon them from the walls, but did not manage to stop anyone in their tracks.

Soon, thanks to the stone shape staff, Soldier was in the courtyard and Hatter in the portcullis control room. Soldier begin the grand fight with the controlled Captain Rex as the gates were opened and Dirk upon his horse strode in to help deal with the soldiers. Hatter and Q took out the soldiers of the gatehouse with fire and trickery, and the help of Pulcher and his men as they made it into the fortress gate.

The main balista fired, striking Dirk, but soon after Rex fell, and Soldier was able to rip the controlling shard from the bindings on his hand, and the soldiers all around them came out of their mental blindness, groggily throwing down their weapons and falling, confused, to the ground.

The group gathered around the new shard and gained new memories. Dirk remember the message that drew him to Highpeak, arriving via hawk. He also seemed to remember being the one to kill all of his men’s horses, though likely while under mind control. Q had more memories of hunting Vitellian. Soldier remembered hunting information on Vitellian, and the word Oracle coming up.

In the searching of the fortress, a map and journal were discovered and claimed by Hatter. Rex was awoken, given two new stones, and questioned.

Rex remembered an attack from the mines a few weeks ago, by Urum. Some got through the fortress and on to the village. He told them about the last two nights, his visits from the black smoke creature that controlled him. The creature came into the fortress and resisted their attacks, only seeming to care about Rex’s enchanted blade. It quickly managed to get the shard onto Rex’s hand, and Rex was his to command.

The creature needed a distraction, and Rex gave it Pulcher. The next night it returned, demanded that the fortress kill anyone that came near. It had come with a controlled man, and they went on to the mine.

Rex mentioned having the feeling that the creature was insane, fighting with itself. It seemed to try to resist its own actions at times.

The group began to make plans. Rex admitted being open to the possibility of he and his men leaving the fortress, and the group debated heading into the mine following the creature.

The only thing agreed to, at the mention from Hatter, was that they needed a good meeting among themselves to share memories and information.

Session 6 - Captain Confrontation

Setting themselves up within the Temple of Trell, the group prepared to meet the skeletal horde of the catacombs as the huge cover stone seemed to melt before their eyes. As the skeletons began to make their way through the new opening Soldier and Hatter moved to block them off as Q leaped to the top of the alter, causing an explosion upon himself that scattered nearly all the skeletons to burning dust.

The main skeleton then touched the alter with his staff, and melted Q into the alter, trapping him. The long dead priest was then destroyed soundly by Soldier and Dirk, and the long quiet returned to the tomb. A horde of magical and imbuable items was pulled up from underneath, including a set of rings that Hatter assumes are wedding rings (and an engagement ring), and a spyglass that can see magical auras.

As Q took most of the items to his wagon for identification, Soldier, Hatter, and Dirk sought out a guard that they could interrogate. Finding one alone (named simply Number Four), they liked his intelligence enough to give him the three blue shards and see what he remembered.

Number Four remembered a few things of note, including attempting to draw out a dragon (“so my master could touch him, or put something on him”) with guard Number Two, and that guard Number Three was not in the barracks during The Awakening, but rather woke up in the courtyard in full guard regalia. He then mentioned that Aquilinus had given orders that no one was to be allowed into the barracks. These two items were enough to spur them into wanting to storm the barracks for answers. Hatter convinced the guard that he didn’t want to be involved in whatever went down at the barracks, and the guard

Aquilinus was none too pleased to see them barging into the barracks, but reluctantly allowed them back into his office. Q quick noticed (with the help of magic) that a thin book was hidden under papers. He and Dirk attempted a ruse to distract the Captain and knock the book on the floor and into Hatter’s hands during the pickup, but Aquilinus quickly grabbed the book back and shoved it in a drawer. The group threatened and coerced, and finally Aquilinus was willing to talk, but only with Soldier and Q out of the room.

Hatter and Dirk convinced him that they did not seek his removal or imprisonment (or death), but rather simply answers. Aquilinus finally admitted that among his memories were his name (he is not really Aquilinus), and that he was the leader of Vitellian’s troops before coming to this village. He and his men took over the guard when Vitellian took over, and he regretted remembering sending many people ‘to their deaths’. He admitted not knowing whether he intended to stay in Highpeak, but that if he did, he wanted to be in control.

Dirk admitted that so far, Not-Aquilinus was doing a fine job of keeping order in the village, and of trying to get things back working… so it was decided that for the moment, the group had no issue with Not-Aquilinus staying in command, and no one needed to know about his false identity.

Soldier had noticed, with the help of the spyglass, that Not-Aquilinus carried multiple enchanted items upon his person, so upon reentering she demanded to know about his items, especially the ring. He admitted that the ring seemed to convey a resistance to fire, and that the boots gave him better footing. Of his sword, he only mentioned that it was enchanted. He mentioned that all of them seemed weaker since The Awakening.

After leaving the barracks, Dirk journeyed to the ‘sacrifice spot’ within the mountains, finding nothing of real interest other than the skeletons (or bodies) of a dozen or so horses. Q went to work enchanting, Hatter went to visit Helesse, asking her to keep an eye on Not-Aquilinus and be on the lookout for his hidden book, and Soldier went to the graveyard to exhume the bodies of the three other people from the Consul Office (her presumed two companions and the other unknown body from inside). Study by the Priest of Daneel showed that ‘Coricus’ and the unknown man may not have died from either their weapon wounds nor the fire, but of some unknown cause.

Plans were made to head to the fortress in the morning.

Session 5 - The Unexpected

The group converged upon the eastern square, where they found Sgt. Pulcher and his men setting houses afire (with help from casks of oil) and beating and poking innocent villagers. Quickly realizing that the fortress men were under some form of mind control, and that Pulcher’s glowing helmet was likely the cause, the group did their best to not inflict permanent harm upon the men, and brought Pulcher down. Ripping off his helmet, they discovered a glowing blue crystal shard.

Soldier removed the shard carefully, which caused the glow to cease and the soldiers that were still fighting suddenly shook themselves free of the effect.

They passed the shard, regaining memories. Q told a tale of remembering ordering men to kill a wounded dragon that had a controlling shard upon it, and of his old master, Vitellian, placing the curse upon him that made others find him untrustworthy and ugly. Soldier told of a new memory with Hatter leading her and her two men through the village at night, and mentioning the specific people that were ‘with’ him: the Ricimers, Aquilinus, and the old Consul’s daughter. Dirk had memories of his men, of riding into a demon-infested town, and an odd memory of Hatter and he about to fight (later further confirming Dirk’s thought that he had been under mind control, and may have been the one to take Lefty’s hand). Aquilinus only mentioned remembering being forced to do the bidding of “Consul Vitellian.”

The villagers were safe and without harm, but two houses took damage, and the warehouse was burning. Under urging from Aquilinus, Q made himself immune to the raging fires and went into the warehouse, rolling barrel after barrel out into the courtyard. As the village put out the fires, the group walked the roads and perimeters with the guard, to make sure that no one else was going to cause trouble that night.

Finally, they slept a few, fitful hours.

In the morning the group met briefly with Aquilinus and Helesse, discussing their plans. The group wished to share the blue shards with nearly all in the town, but Aquilinus requested that they not give them to his soldiers, fearing confusion and a decrease in a respect for his authority. They switched the thought to giving the shards to the important people of the town, the crafters and leaders among them.

The group made their way over to the temple of Bisd to meet with the fortress soldiers that they had fought the night before. Pulcher expressed remorse over his actions, but Hatter quickly snapped him back and threw questions at him. Pulcher told his story:

A black form entered the fortress, and seemed nearly immune to their blades, pushing them back easily. The form grabbed Captain Rex and instantly had control of him, which slowly spread to all the people of the fortress. The form and Rex spoke then, but all Pulcher heard was when Rex pointed at him and said “there is your distraction.” Pulcher then had a blue shard placed upon his head.

He gathered his men and set out from the fortress with the black form accompanying. They came upon a man on the road, and the form took him over with a shard, and after a brief talk, the new man said “a chest, yes.” They headed west as Pulcher waited a set amount of time before starting to burn and harass the people.

At the word “chest,” Hatter set off at a run to the store, quite startling Pen as he barged in. He found the metal chest of gray stones still under his bed, untouched. When he checked the old Consul building, where the chest came from, he found evidence of someone having gone through the rubble looking for something, and then moving away to the south.

During the next few hours, they spread about the village and interviewed everyone. They questioned where they woke on the night of the Consul Building fire, and what they may know. The local drunkard said he woke covered in blankets outside the public kitchen, various craftsmen said they knew what they did simply because they woke up within their house/workroom, and Atticus the beggar aroused suspicions with a few of the members of the group, but he would admit to nothing else but his story of waking beside the warehouse with the accouterments of a beggar.

The woman from the locked house remembered being the butcher (and her husband telling her not to be), and Lefty remembered his name: Aquilinus. And while he remembered having brothers (all in the guard), this (when added to the memory of Vitellian firing him) cast doubt on the true identity of Captain Aquilinus. Lefty Aquilinus also remembered his house, the house that the woman was locked in with Soldier’s equipment in the hidden basement.

Hatter floated the idea of abducting Captain Aquilinus and interrogating him, but the other members of the group convinced him that they had no real proof against him, and he should just be watched closely.

After lunch the group ventured into the sealed up temple of Trell, discovering an empty place cleaned out long ago. Moving a giant slab of rock they discovered the entrance to the catacombs, and the skeletons within that wanted out. Q’s staff put a quick end to the initial skeletons, and they explored the long hall, finding a set of stone doors at the end.

These doors led into a great tomb filled with coffins. At the far end sat two larger coffins and a pile of discarded items, presumed to be the cast away enchanted items from the town of long ago.

Hatter made his way across the room, and even as the coffins all about him began to open, he charged straight to the pile of items and grabbed a wooden staff as the skeleton from one of the large coffins arose. Hatter dropped his torch into the arising skeleton’s coffin and ran with the staff, a beam of ice shooting beside him as he ran. The group slammed the doors and blocked them as they could, making their way quickly back to the stairs and the temple proper. The stone slab was put back into place, and they waited.

After waiting a moment, the slab itself seemed to melt and open, and the skeletons were free.

After lunch

Session 4 - Politics

The group started within the mine, with Hatter healed but unconscious. They exited quickly and strapped Hatter to a horse in the mining camp. Sergeant Pulcher led the group all back to the fortress. Captain Rex was massively annoyed with the group, concerned that they have stirred up creatures that will now cause trouble. The group attempted to play down his fears, but his annoyance remained. He ushered them through and out of the fortress swiftly.

As they returned to the town, they were met by Q, who had awaked earlier but spent the time within his wagon enchanting. They all walked back to the shop, filling Q in about the events that had occurred during his short coma.

As the night wound down, Hatter’s body was brought to ‘his’ bed within the shop, where Soldier took it upon herself to check Hatter’s pockets and room. Pulling out the metal chest of gray stones, she discovered the portrait that Hatter had kept secret. She showed it to the group, and Q recognized the man from his memories, and believed him to be a mentor or master of his from the past, whom he turned against as the man turned to sinister plans.

Finally, they all slept, with Pen taking care of the unconscious Hatter.

The next morning, the town began to gather for the mandatory meeting as a light snow spread across the village. The group took a moment to discuss their so far recovered memories. Q talked about his memories of his old mentor, and about a man named Manius that seemed to be his companion (and wore purple scaled armor) during his time seemingly cursed. Dirk spoke only of a man named Kaye, whom he believed to be one of his men, now possibly dead with the assumed group of Timtrane men within the village’s graveyard.

Once at the warehouse, Q took position at the entrance, to watch over all the people entering, looking for enchanted or imbuable items on any of them (finding only 1, the necklace of the priestess of Bisd (holy symbol)).

Meanwhile, Aquilinus pulled Soldier and Dirk aside. He had the Priest of Daneel tell them about the discovery he made in the temple to the north: a ritual that has been used apparently every 16 days upon the graveyard that allows the dead to remain at peace. Aquilinus then told them about a herder’s discovery in the north-western mountains, that of a sacrificial spot, covered in the skeletons of horses and goats (and maybe humans?). The bones seem gnawed by something large, and the group suspected chimera.

The group asked Aquilinus about the armed woman in the locked house, and he admitted that his did not want to risk his few guards in pulling her out, so the group decided to attempt it themselves (with Aquilinus and a guard as escort).

At the house, Soldier took the lead, and managed to talk her way into the house (alone). She discovered a woman that could barely hold a sword properly. The woman was afraid, and woke up with only the feeling that there were people outside that wanted to hurt her. Soldier asked her bluntly if she woke up with a gray stone, and the woman was shocked and answered “yes.” Her stone was bound to her chest with fabric quite akin to Lefty’s binding. Soldier convinced her to come to the meeting with them, and assured her of protection.

Once the woman was out of the house, Q was sent in to search it. He deduced that a woman did not live there, and then found a secret trapdoor that led into a small, swiftly dug basement (8’ square and 4’ tall). Within was bedding used by 3 people, and 3 sets of backpacks. He had these stashed in his wagon as the meeting started.

The group, knowing that leadership of the village was going to have to be determined, decided that Aquilinus was the best leader to suit their needs. They approached him about it, and he finally agreed (thanks to Dirk’s convincing), but said that he had no real interest in the management of food, supplies, etc. They all agreed that Helese the bookworm girl should be convinced to be his clerk and run the more mundane parts while Aquilinus focused on the protection and work crews (and acted as the figurehead leader).

Helese agreed to this after Soldier interrogated her about her activity on the night of the fire (she was seen skulking about the barracks in a black suit), but when she finally revealed that she had awoken with a gray stone bound to her chest, the group was fully able to trust her.

The group still had to deal with the priestess of Bisd and Tubolius the adventure seeker. A massive group diplomatic attempt (rescued at the end by Aquilinus) convinced the priestess that her role as the spiritual leader of the village was too important, and only dulled by adding political duties. Tubolius was convinced by Dirk that he should lead the needed expedition of traveling the collapsed main road and finding external help (and that it would gain him much fame if successful).

Once all was settled, Dirk and the priestess made the announcement to the villagers about the decisions of leadership, and it seemed decently widely accepted. Aquilinus was given the blue stones (so he could seem more ‘in charge’), and he shared them with the priestess, Helese, and Tubolius.

The priestess remembered her name (Domitia). Helese remembered Hatter (working with him, seeking something in a book), and Tubolius remembered his name (he still just foes my Tubolius), and that he is the father of Pen (whose real name is Cloedin Fidenas).

They finally shared the stones with the woman from the locked house as well. She recalled having a husband (whom she asked them not to tell, because she also remembers being massively unhappy), and remembered bringing books to Hatter.

With the meeting over, Q showed the group the packs he found. Among the possessions was a book with a tiny lock, which Soldier matched with a tiny key that she awoke with. That book turned out to be false hollow book contained a lock of blond hair wrapped in a silver wire. Soldier assumed that the pack with that book was once hers, and she donned it.

Q decided to spend the rest of the day finishing his enchantment. Dirk went off to help the townsfolk, and Soldier walked the roads while occasionally popping in to the store to see Pen, who was meeting with her father (whom she remembered as should after being given the stones as well).

A heavy snow began to set in as night fell, and the group began to settle in for sleep. Pen informed Soldier and Dirk that Hatter was awake, but quickly thereafter they could hear screaming from across the village. Running out they could see the warehouse on fire, and another house just beginning to burn. Arriving at the scene they found Sergeant Pulcher and men from the fortress as the cause. Their eyes had gone black and Pulcher’s forehead seemed to be giving a blue glow from under his helmet.

Session 3 - The Neighbors

The group began within the old Consul’s house, gaining the memories of the second blue shard. Upon touching it, Q not only gained memories, but lost consciousness, and collapsed to the floor of the Consul’s house.

Q was made comfortable and the woman caring for the Consul agreed to look after Q until he woke. Hatter found an old history of the village and found its true name, “Highpeak Village,” among other points, while Soldier took the 2nd blue shard out to Captain Aquilinus (and the smith).

Hatter’s new book gave him even more information about the mysterious Fortress, and they longed to make it their next destination, but night was falling quickly. In preparation, they gathered supplies from the Consul’s house and made their way to the stables to investigate the claims of horses. After running into a drunkard “guarding” the main warehouse, they found the stables largely unused.

Within the stables they found a few horses, hungry and generally uncared for. Within the two stables they also found a great deal of blood, as if large animals had been being bled out repeatedly and then dragged from the stables up into the mountains to the north.

Finally back at Pen’s store, Soldier interrogated Lefty due to multiple people’s innate distrust. Lefty, however, gave no information that let them keep that distrust, and agreed to have the gray stone taken off of him. It was, and Lefty received no ill effects.

A quick report from Aquilinus told them that the granaries held very little, and that the fields were left half unharvested. There was still crop out there rotting in the fields, and he planned on assigning some people to harvest in the morning.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

The next morning they prepared to travel to the fortress, but as they went to retrieve the horses, they saw a small boy walking into the village from the main (and collapsed) road. Soldier quickly recognized him from her memories as a boy that stood next to Hatter as she found him on the road while riding into the village (though in her memory the boy had a bandage wrapped around his head).

The boy mentioned that he had been hiding in a cave off the road with four horses. He led the group there quickly, and the horses hiding there (all with saddles and packs) quickly approached Soldier while ignoring all others. These were the horses of her group.

The boy also had a small gray stone within a pile of bandages, which he found upon his head when he awoke. They gave the boy a stone, and he remembered his name. Ricimer.

The group left the horses with young Ricimer for the time being… Hatter began to wonder if the gray stones were his doing (the boy was with him, he had some stashed away, etc).

Upon returning to the village, they spoke with Aquilinus. A plan was set in motion to gather all the villagers together, so that it could be determined if any others had gray or blue stones, or determine if any have any memories or useful information. The meeting was set for the next morning. They also spoke briefly of those that seemed to be attempting to claim power within the village, including the Priestess of Bisd (good socially, but not business minded), a foreign-looking man calling himself Tubolius (seeing the mind-wipe as a chance for rebirth and adventure), and a young woman (good with numbers, not so much socially).

Finally, the group made their way to the fortress, a passive structure of stone with a large gatehouse, walls, and towers. The leader of the fortress (Captain Rex (so known due to fortress ledgers)) revealed that they too had suffered memory loss.

The group bartered for passage through the fortress to the mines beyond. During talks, the captain showed his mistrust, but eventually it was decided that the group could enter once they proved the blue shard they showed was real. Captain Rex regained only simple memories, but his sergeant (Pulcher) gained horrible memories of a troop of fire demons walking through the fortress from the village towards the mine. The lead demon, a woman on fire, appeared to have a blue shard upon her head.

The group was made nervous by this new information, but decided that they at least needed to explore the mining camp and perhaps the entrance of the mine.

Sergeant Pulcher accompanied the group to the camp, where they found four fresh cairn graves, two of which were disturbed. Uncovering the other two showed the reason: undead. The two graves revealed zombies that were unable to push their way out. The simple buildings revealed little information, other than that the latest miners did not care about working in squalor.

They discovered that the mine had been walled up, but that wall was torn down recently (from the outside, with pickaxes).

Within the mine they discovered the beasts of the mine, strange white creatures with claws and teeth, but these were dead, with massive burn wounds.

Zombies and a walking skeleton soon followed, and in the ensuing fight Hatter was wounded to unconsciousness. Once the undead were dealt with by Soldier and Dirk, they grabbed Hatter and made for their escape.

Session 2 - The Investigation

Moving quickly, the main group was able to assist the thin guard force in putting an end to the zombie curse that arose within the courtyard of the village.

The once again dead bodies were moved to the square, where a debate was had regarding how to deal with them. Burning seemed too taboo (especially after Aquilinus pointed out a temple of Trell within the village). The priest of Daneel, God of the Dead, was fetched and it was decided that they would be bound and buried within the graveyard to the north, which they are assuming (or hoping) is somehow hallowed ground, thus keeping them from rising again.

Dirk volunteered to help dig graves, and upon entering the graveyard he found 14 graves, all dug within 2 or 3 weeks, that bore the marker of Timtrane upon them with crude wooden swords as markers.

The bodies contained a man with a phoenix tattoo upon his face (and a tattoo of Daneel’s symbol upon his chest), who Soldier recognized, and later revealed him to be a companion of hers in her memories.

There were moments of long discussion, where the group revealed many things, mostly from Hatter’s burnt journal:
Hatter believed them to be in a village called Dalik Nor, a secluded mountainous village.
He thinks he arrived there exactly a month ago, and was witness to a massive political coup.
The new Consul (a man), took over for the old (a woman), and Hatter believes that he then started some form of mind-control over the village, forcing the people to do… things.
He believes that Dirk arrived about 2 weeks ago.
He believes that Soldier arrived just the day of the Awakening (which happened late at night).
He believes that the Timtrame graves are Dirk’s men.
Finally, he believes that this new Consul was doing something so horrible that he was forced to lay aside his vows of non-interference and take action in the end.

Aquilinus told of various people in the village that seem to be suddenly struck comatose. Some come out of it in a matter of hours, others are still so.
He also tells of a barracks ledger that says a man was arrested for “violence and rape,” and was being held in the prison by the Consul “for testing.” This man’s name was Arrastus Hato, and the guess is that he escaped due to the explosion that occurring the first night.

Soldier revealed that the two men wearing bone necklaces seem to have been companions of hers.

Dirk believes that he may have been mind controlled, which may explain why he lives while his men are dead.

Hatter produced a map, which he obtained from the Consul Building as it was burning. This map was of the village, but showed that there was a southern pass into the mountains that led to a fortress of some kind. No other knowledge of the fortress was revealed or known.

Back to the investigation:
Two bodies were also recovered from the remains of the Consul building. One of them wore a bone necklace like Soldier and her tattooed companion, and he was also ID’d as a companion of hers. The other wore patchwork leather armor and a strange arm band made of cord or thread with a sewing needle attached. He was not identified. Both bodies were taken with the others into the graveyard.

The Consul Building revealed little more of note, but the inn revealed a great deal. Hatter’s room was found, containing a great many books (most within a still enchanted box), and a small hidden pouch containing yet more of the strange polished gray stones.

The group began to comb the village, slowly looking into each house along the southern road, and sending out guards to catalog other houses throughout the village.

The carpenter’s building in the southwest was found to contain a wagon that Q firmly believes is his. Within seem to be his tiny living quarters, with desk and wardrobe.

The smithy was found to have Dirk’s armor (including helmet), but it had seemed as though the smith had been breaking it down over the past week or so. The smith (calling himself “Smith”), offered to attempt to repair it, and Dirk accepted.

The next building was a large, nice building in which they had heard a comatose woman was found. Upon entering, Hatter recognized the unconscious woman as the first Consul. The woman’s caretaker showed them a Blue Stone being held in place by a tight scarf around her neck, and the group eagerly grabbed it, each gaining yet more memories.

Session 1 - The Awakening

They awoke in a large room that was on fire and ready to collapse. No memories of who they were or where they came from… or what they were doing there. As they began to come to, a being of dark smoke seemed to gather itself together above the ruins of a massive table, screaming “You, what have you done?”

The creature did not last long, grabbing at items from the wreckage of a table and seeming confused as its strange glowing eyes seemed to change color from red to green. Screaming “No! It’s mine!” as it pulled up whatever it was going for, and finally “The plan! I must… No!” as it seemed to pulse, until finally it was attacked by Soldier and shot out of the building through a wall.

During all this time:

Soldier sought a way out, going from door to door until finally attacking the creature before barging out the main door into the night outside.
Dirk woke with some small memories, and checked on a half-buried body (finding him dead, but noting a necklace of bone pieces), and then bashed through the burning desk blocking the main door. Finally he pulled Lefty from the room and kicked out Lefty’s sword before getting out himself.
Q grabbed for a large horn within the wreckage before getting out. Calling in to the others, he went back in quickly to help Dirk with Lefty.
Hatter grabbed up a burning book before charging straight through the black creature towards the back of the room, where he gathered up a map and portrait within a metal chest (full of polished gray stones) before finally being the last to get out of the collapsing building.

Outside the building they discovered many dead bodies and a few people as confused as they. One body (that was against the door) wore another odd bone necklace.

Dirk and Q followed the sound of screaming to the inn directly to the south of the main building, rescuing a larger woman in a large wig and a very young (2 or 3) girl, along with a younger man with a shaved head.
Soldier went north to the barracks to help the guards get free from their door, which had been barred on the outside. As the soldiers came free she saw a young woman in a tight black suit coming out from the side of the barracks.
Hatter took his metal chest down to the general store, where he met ‘Pen’, a 9-year old girl.

Captain Aquilinus (so named later by Hatter) took control of the situation with his small guard force, and gave Q permission to investigate, so long as he didn’t cause problems or get in the way.

The group from the main building finally all went to settle into the general store for the night. Mild exploration found a fancy exotic coat and an empty sheath in a man’s room that Hatter claimed. Lefty discovered a stone (polished gray) bound to his chest, which they all agreed shouldn’t be removed, just in case.

They slept.

The next day they began by exploring the village. They discovered that the bakery was empty and unused for at least a few weeks. The butcher was working, but apparently not very good (was he really the butcher?).
A large chimera skeleton missing a ram’s horn was found near the barracks (the source of the horn Q grabbed at the beginning), Hatter later mentioned that he believed the chimera attacked the village in retaliation to members of the guard being set to kill chimeras somewhere locally.

As Dirk and Q investigated it, Dirk showed Q a small blue stone that he had found strapped against his hand the day before. As Q touched it, a few memories flooded back to him, but no other information about the stone could be divined.

Soldier and Hatter had made their way to the far side of the small village in a quest to find Captain Aquilinus. They found him speaking to the priest of Daneel. Aquilinus fills them in on a few things around the village, but nothing terribly important, before Dirk and Q arrive with Dirk’s stone. The stone gives memories back to Soldier, Hatter, and Aquilinus.

Screams were soon heard, and when they rushed back to the courtyard they discovered that the dead from the day before had risen, and the townsfolk were being attacked and killed.

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