Forgotten Histories

Session 1 - The Awakening

They awoke in a large room that was on fire and ready to collapse. No memories of who they were or where they came from… or what they were doing there. As they began to come to, a being of dark smoke seemed to gather itself together above the ruins of a massive table, screaming “You, what have you done?”

The creature did not last long, grabbing at items from the wreckage of a table and seeming confused as its strange glowing eyes seemed to change color from red to green. Screaming “No! It’s mine!” as it pulled up whatever it was going for, and finally “The plan! I must… No!” as it seemed to pulse, until finally it was attacked by Soldier and shot out of the building through a wall.

During all this time:

Soldier sought a way out, going from door to door until finally attacking the creature before barging out the main door into the night outside.
Dirk woke with some small memories, and checked on a half-buried body (finding him dead, but noting a necklace of bone pieces), and then bashed through the burning desk blocking the main door. Finally he pulled Lefty from the room and kicked out Lefty’s sword before getting out himself.
Q grabbed for a large horn within the wreckage before getting out. Calling in to the others, he went back in quickly to help Dirk with Lefty.
Hatter grabbed up a burning book before charging straight through the black creature towards the back of the room, where he gathered up a map and portrait within a metal chest (full of polished gray stones) before finally being the last to get out of the collapsing building.

Outside the building they discovered many dead bodies and a few people as confused as they. One body (that was against the door) wore another odd bone necklace.

Dirk and Q followed the sound of screaming to the inn directly to the south of the main building, rescuing a larger woman in a large wig and a very young (2 or 3) girl, along with a younger man with a shaved head.
Soldier went north to the barracks to help the guards get free from their door, which had been barred on the outside. As the soldiers came free she saw a young woman in a tight black suit coming out from the side of the barracks.
Hatter took his metal chest down to the general store, where he met ‘Pen’, a 9-year old girl.

Captain Aquilinus (so named later by Hatter) took control of the situation with his small guard force, and gave Q permission to investigate, so long as he didn’t cause problems or get in the way.

The group from the main building finally all went to settle into the general store for the night. Mild exploration found a fancy exotic coat and an empty sheath in a man’s room that Hatter claimed. Lefty discovered a stone (polished gray) bound to his chest, which they all agreed shouldn’t be removed, just in case.

They slept.

The next day they began by exploring the village. They discovered that the bakery was empty and unused for at least a few weeks. The butcher was working, but apparently not very good (was he really the butcher?).
A large chimera skeleton missing a ram’s horn was found near the barracks (the source of the horn Q grabbed at the beginning), Hatter later mentioned that he believed the chimera attacked the village in retaliation to members of the guard being set to kill chimeras somewhere locally.

As Dirk and Q investigated it, Dirk showed Q a small blue stone that he had found strapped against his hand the day before. As Q touched it, a few memories flooded back to him, but no other information about the stone could be divined.

Soldier and Hatter had made their way to the far side of the small village in a quest to find Captain Aquilinus. They found him speaking to the priest of Daneel. Aquilinus fills them in on a few things around the village, but nothing terribly important, before Dirk and Q arrive with Dirk’s stone. The stone gives memories back to Soldier, Hatter, and Aquilinus.

Screams were soon heard, and when they rushed back to the courtyard they discovered that the dead from the day before had risen, and the townsfolk were being attacked and killed.



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