Forgotten Histories

Session 2 - The Investigation

Moving quickly, the main group was able to assist the thin guard force in putting an end to the zombie curse that arose within the courtyard of the village.

The once again dead bodies were moved to the square, where a debate was had regarding how to deal with them. Burning seemed too taboo (especially after Aquilinus pointed out a temple of Trell within the village). The priest of Daneel, God of the Dead, was fetched and it was decided that they would be bound and buried within the graveyard to the north, which they are assuming (or hoping) is somehow hallowed ground, thus keeping them from rising again.

Dirk volunteered to help dig graves, and upon entering the graveyard he found 14 graves, all dug within 2 or 3 weeks, that bore the marker of Timtrane upon them with crude wooden swords as markers.

The bodies contained a man with a phoenix tattoo upon his face (and a tattoo of Daneel’s symbol upon his chest), who Soldier recognized, and later revealed him to be a companion of hers in her memories.

There were moments of long discussion, where the group revealed many things, mostly from Hatter’s burnt journal:
Hatter believed them to be in a village called Dalik Nor, a secluded mountainous village.
He thinks he arrived there exactly a month ago, and was witness to a massive political coup.
The new Consul (a man), took over for the old (a woman), and Hatter believes that he then started some form of mind-control over the village, forcing the people to do… things.
He believes that Dirk arrived about 2 weeks ago.
He believes that Soldier arrived just the day of the Awakening (which happened late at night).
He believes that the Timtrame graves are Dirk’s men.
Finally, he believes that this new Consul was doing something so horrible that he was forced to lay aside his vows of non-interference and take action in the end.

Aquilinus told of various people in the village that seem to be suddenly struck comatose. Some come out of it in a matter of hours, others are still so.
He also tells of a barracks ledger that says a man was arrested for “violence and rape,” and was being held in the prison by the Consul “for testing.” This man’s name was Arrastus Hato, and the guess is that he escaped due to the explosion that occurring the first night.

Soldier revealed that the two men wearing bone necklaces seem to have been companions of hers.

Dirk believes that he may have been mind controlled, which may explain why he lives while his men are dead.

Hatter produced a map, which he obtained from the Consul Building as it was burning. This map was of the village, but showed that there was a southern pass into the mountains that led to a fortress of some kind. No other knowledge of the fortress was revealed or known.

Back to the investigation:
Two bodies were also recovered from the remains of the Consul building. One of them wore a bone necklace like Soldier and her tattooed companion, and he was also ID’d as a companion of hers. The other wore patchwork leather armor and a strange arm band made of cord or thread with a sewing needle attached. He was not identified. Both bodies were taken with the others into the graveyard.

The Consul Building revealed little more of note, but the inn revealed a great deal. Hatter’s room was found, containing a great many books (most within a still enchanted box), and a small hidden pouch containing yet more of the strange polished gray stones.

The group began to comb the village, slowly looking into each house along the southern road, and sending out guards to catalog other houses throughout the village.

The carpenter’s building in the southwest was found to contain a wagon that Q firmly believes is his. Within seem to be his tiny living quarters, with desk and wardrobe.

The smithy was found to have Dirk’s armor (including helmet), but it had seemed as though the smith had been breaking it down over the past week or so. The smith (calling himself “Smith”), offered to attempt to repair it, and Dirk accepted.

The next building was a large, nice building in which they had heard a comatose woman was found. Upon entering, Hatter recognized the unconscious woman as the first Consul. The woman’s caretaker showed them a Blue Stone being held in place by a tight scarf around her neck, and the group eagerly grabbed it, each gaining yet more memories.


Only Hatter did not eagerly grab for the stone.

Session 2 - The Investigation

I guess we assume based on strong feelings that these memories are real. Evidence would confirm some of the memories. It’s good to know that that weird mask had a purpose. I would want to bring up my magic aura that makes people think I’m a jerkbag and see how much that might be affecting the other characters.

Session 2 - The Investigation

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