Forgotten Histories

Session 3 - The Neighbors

The group began within the old Consul’s house, gaining the memories of the second blue shard. Upon touching it, Q not only gained memories, but lost consciousness, and collapsed to the floor of the Consul’s house.

Q was made comfortable and the woman caring for the Consul agreed to look after Q until he woke. Hatter found an old history of the village and found its true name, “Highpeak Village,” among other points, while Soldier took the 2nd blue shard out to Captain Aquilinus (and the smith).

Hatter’s new book gave him even more information about the mysterious Fortress, and they longed to make it their next destination, but night was falling quickly. In preparation, they gathered supplies from the Consul’s house and made their way to the stables to investigate the claims of horses. After running into a drunkard “guarding” the main warehouse, they found the stables largely unused.

Within the stables they found a few horses, hungry and generally uncared for. Within the two stables they also found a great deal of blood, as if large animals had been being bled out repeatedly and then dragged from the stables up into the mountains to the north.

Finally back at Pen’s store, Soldier interrogated Lefty due to multiple people’s innate distrust. Lefty, however, gave no information that let them keep that distrust, and agreed to have the gray stone taken off of him. It was, and Lefty received no ill effects.

A quick report from Aquilinus told them that the granaries held very little, and that the fields were left half unharvested. There was still crop out there rotting in the fields, and he planned on assigning some people to harvest in the morning.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

The next morning they prepared to travel to the fortress, but as they went to retrieve the horses, they saw a small boy walking into the village from the main (and collapsed) road. Soldier quickly recognized him from her memories as a boy that stood next to Hatter as she found him on the road while riding into the village (though in her memory the boy had a bandage wrapped around his head).

The boy mentioned that he had been hiding in a cave off the road with four horses. He led the group there quickly, and the horses hiding there (all with saddles and packs) quickly approached Soldier while ignoring all others. These were the horses of her group.

The boy also had a small gray stone within a pile of bandages, which he found upon his head when he awoke. They gave the boy a stone, and he remembered his name. Ricimer.

The group left the horses with young Ricimer for the time being… Hatter began to wonder if the gray stones were his doing (the boy was with him, he had some stashed away, etc).

Upon returning to the village, they spoke with Aquilinus. A plan was set in motion to gather all the villagers together, so that it could be determined if any others had gray or blue stones, or determine if any have any memories or useful information. The meeting was set for the next morning. They also spoke briefly of those that seemed to be attempting to claim power within the village, including the Priestess of Bisd (good socially, but not business minded), a foreign-looking man calling himself Tubolius (seeing the mind-wipe as a chance for rebirth and adventure), and a young woman (good with numbers, not so much socially).

Finally, the group made their way to the fortress, a passive structure of stone with a large gatehouse, walls, and towers. The leader of the fortress (Captain Rex (so known due to fortress ledgers)) revealed that they too had suffered memory loss.

The group bartered for passage through the fortress to the mines beyond. During talks, the captain showed his mistrust, but eventually it was decided that the group could enter once they proved the blue shard they showed was real. Captain Rex regained only simple memories, but his sergeant (Pulcher) gained horrible memories of a troop of fire demons walking through the fortress from the village towards the mine. The lead demon, a woman on fire, appeared to have a blue shard upon her head.

The group was made nervous by this new information, but decided that they at least needed to explore the mining camp and perhaps the entrance of the mine.

Sergeant Pulcher accompanied the group to the camp, where they found four fresh cairn graves, two of which were disturbed. Uncovering the other two showed the reason: undead. The two graves revealed zombies that were unable to push their way out. The simple buildings revealed little information, other than that the latest miners did not care about working in squalor.

They discovered that the mine had been walled up, but that wall was torn down recently (from the outside, with pickaxes).

Within the mine they discovered the beasts of the mine, strange white creatures with claws and teeth, but these were dead, with massive burn wounds.

Zombies and a walking skeleton soon followed, and in the ensuing fight Hatter was wounded to unconsciousness. Once the undead were dealt with by Soldier and Dirk, they grabbed Hatter and made for their escape.


Two notes to add:

Hatter revealed that he was the one who carved the Timtrane grave markers for the graves that are assumed to hold Dirk’s men.

The blood marks in the stables are assumed to show the fate of Dirk’s men’s horses (dead).

Session 3 - The Neighbors

Another useful thing to remember: Hatter has also mentioned that another possible reason to visit the old Temple of Trell is that records indicate that the town stashed all of their magical items there before they sealed it up.

Session 3 - The Neighbors

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