Forgotten Histories

Session 4 - Politics

The group started within the mine, with Hatter healed but unconscious. They exited quickly and strapped Hatter to a horse in the mining camp. Sergeant Pulcher led the group all back to the fortress. Captain Rex was massively annoyed with the group, concerned that they have stirred up creatures that will now cause trouble. The group attempted to play down his fears, but his annoyance remained. He ushered them through and out of the fortress swiftly.

As they returned to the town, they were met by Q, who had awaked earlier but spent the time within his wagon enchanting. They all walked back to the shop, filling Q in about the events that had occurred during his short coma.

As the night wound down, Hatter’s body was brought to ‘his’ bed within the shop, where Soldier took it upon herself to check Hatter’s pockets and room. Pulling out the metal chest of gray stones, she discovered the portrait that Hatter had kept secret. She showed it to the group, and Q recognized the man from his memories, and believed him to be a mentor or master of his from the past, whom he turned against as the man turned to sinister plans.

Finally, they all slept, with Pen taking care of the unconscious Hatter.

The next morning, the town began to gather for the mandatory meeting as a light snow spread across the village. The group took a moment to discuss their so far recovered memories. Q talked about his memories of his old mentor, and about a man named Manius that seemed to be his companion (and wore purple scaled armor) during his time seemingly cursed. Dirk spoke only of a man named Kaye, whom he believed to be one of his men, now possibly dead with the assumed group of Timtrane men within the village’s graveyard.

Once at the warehouse, Q took position at the entrance, to watch over all the people entering, looking for enchanted or imbuable items on any of them (finding only 1, the necklace of the priestess of Bisd (holy symbol)).

Meanwhile, Aquilinus pulled Soldier and Dirk aside. He had the Priest of Daneel tell them about the discovery he made in the temple to the north: a ritual that has been used apparently every 16 days upon the graveyard that allows the dead to remain at peace. Aquilinus then told them about a herder’s discovery in the north-western mountains, that of a sacrificial spot, covered in the skeletons of horses and goats (and maybe humans?). The bones seem gnawed by something large, and the group suspected chimera.

The group asked Aquilinus about the armed woman in the locked house, and he admitted that his did not want to risk his few guards in pulling her out, so the group decided to attempt it themselves (with Aquilinus and a guard as escort).

At the house, Soldier took the lead, and managed to talk her way into the house (alone). She discovered a woman that could barely hold a sword properly. The woman was afraid, and woke up with only the feeling that there were people outside that wanted to hurt her. Soldier asked her bluntly if she woke up with a gray stone, and the woman was shocked and answered “yes.” Her stone was bound to her chest with fabric quite akin to Lefty’s binding. Soldier convinced her to come to the meeting with them, and assured her of protection.

Once the woman was out of the house, Q was sent in to search it. He deduced that a woman did not live there, and then found a secret trapdoor that led into a small, swiftly dug basement (8’ square and 4’ tall). Within was bedding used by 3 people, and 3 sets of backpacks. He had these stashed in his wagon as the meeting started.

The group, knowing that leadership of the village was going to have to be determined, decided that Aquilinus was the best leader to suit their needs. They approached him about it, and he finally agreed (thanks to Dirk’s convincing), but said that he had no real interest in the management of food, supplies, etc. They all agreed that Helese the bookworm girl should be convinced to be his clerk and run the more mundane parts while Aquilinus focused on the protection and work crews (and acted as the figurehead leader).

Helese agreed to this after Soldier interrogated her about her activity on the night of the fire (she was seen skulking about the barracks in a black suit), but when she finally revealed that she had awoken with a gray stone bound to her chest, the group was fully able to trust her.

The group still had to deal with the priestess of Bisd and Tubolius the adventure seeker. A massive group diplomatic attempt (rescued at the end by Aquilinus) convinced the priestess that her role as the spiritual leader of the village was too important, and only dulled by adding political duties. Tubolius was convinced by Dirk that he should lead the needed expedition of traveling the collapsed main road and finding external help (and that it would gain him much fame if successful).

Once all was settled, Dirk and the priestess made the announcement to the villagers about the decisions of leadership, and it seemed decently widely accepted. Aquilinus was given the blue stones (so he could seem more ‘in charge’), and he shared them with the priestess, Helese, and Tubolius.

The priestess remembered her name (Domitia). Helese remembered Hatter (working with him, seeking something in a book), and Tubolius remembered his name (he still just foes my Tubolius), and that he is the father of Pen (whose real name is Cloedin Fidenas).

They finally shared the stones with the woman from the locked house as well. She recalled having a husband (whom she asked them not to tell, because she also remembers being massively unhappy), and remembered bringing books to Hatter.

With the meeting over, Q showed the group the packs he found. Among the possessions was a book with a tiny lock, which Soldier matched with a tiny key that she awoke with. That book turned out to be false hollow book contained a lock of blond hair wrapped in a silver wire. Soldier assumed that the pack with that book was once hers, and she donned it.

Q decided to spend the rest of the day finishing his enchantment. Dirk went off to help the townsfolk, and Soldier walked the roads while occasionally popping in to the store to see Pen, who was meeting with her father (whom she remembered as should after being given the stones as well).

A heavy snow began to set in as night fell, and the group began to settle in for sleep. Pen informed Soldier and Dirk that Hatter was awake, but quickly thereafter they could hear screaming from across the village. Running out they could see the warehouse on fire, and another house just beginning to burn. Arriving at the scene they found Sergeant Pulcher and men from the fortress as the cause. Their eyes had gone black and Pulcher’s forehead seemed to be giving a blue glow from under his helmet.



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