Forgotten Histories

Session 8 - The Mine

The group decided to spend the night within the fortress, but their sleep was interrupted by Hatter’s screams as he seemed to burst into flames while meditating. The scars upon his chest flared up, and though he was unhurt, most of the fortress was awakened and saw the spectacle.

Q made an attempt to force his will upon the shards in the group’s possession, but found himself unable to do so, mostly because he felt as if the shards were currently under another person’s (or creature’s, or thing’s) control.

Finally, with the late morning sun, the group travelled into the mines once again.

Within the first tunnel of the mines, they travelled past the point of the tunnel where they had previously fought zombies and a skeleton before being forced to flee. The skeleton they still found wandering around, and quickly dispatched it. Upon its finger they found a woman’s wedding ring marked only with “Merenda” upon it.

Traveling on, they made it to the mine’s refinement room, where they found evidence any raw seer stone that had existed here had been moved within the past few weeks. Hatter took the opportunity to perform a ritual upon the room, sanctifying it as a possible fall-back room in case of emergency.

Travelling on and ever downward, guided by Hatter’s map (stolen from the fortress), they finally reached the point where the mine turned to rough, shoddy workmanship, and soon after the dead bodies of the Urum begin to become more and more frequent. They soon found a bale-fire torch, and proceeded with rushed caution.

Within a final cavern, the group found the fire demoness waiting, but the blue shard in her head had left her a confused, corrupted mess. Upon seeing her, Hatter walked forward, and in a slightly defeated tone, stated “It’s me, the Chronicler.”

The demoness began to yell at him, telling him that she knows him, asking where ‘he’ was, and glaring at Dirk, whom she also seemed to recognize but not be able to place.

Hatter talked, fending off and postponing her desires to sick her hounds upon the group, as Soldier and Dirk held strong beside him, ready. Finally, Hatter convinced her to allow him to pull the shard from her head, and that allowed her her memories back.

She spoke to Hatter of a ritual, of Dirk’s interference with it, and of a son that they share.

The shard quickly got passed around the group, restoring memories to them all. Hatter convinced the demoness to allow him to leave, threatening to kill himself if she interfered. She threatened in turn, and vowed to come after him (and Dirk) later, after their son was found.

Leaving the mine (quickly), the group shared a few of their new memories with each other. Q shared that his old master’s plan seems to have been to use the Lore Stone shards to control the criminals and ‘undesirables’ of the area, and possibly turn them into ‘happy’ slave labor. Soldier remembered Lefty (Aquilinus), and Lefty’s brother Cornelius, who appears to be the armed drunkard that they have dealt with on occasion. Hatter admitting having memories of the demoness, who first appeared to him as a human and tricked him into bed, and later carved the symbols upon his chest into him. Dirk remembered rescuing Hatter from the scaring, interrupting whatever the demoness was doing, and giving her a cut in the process.

They ran from the mine to the fortress, got Captain Rex’s permission to collapse the mine, which was given, and quickly done with the use of the staff of stoneshaping.

It was decided that they would move quickly to what they believed on the map to be Aristiphus’s study. A day spent in the village let them gather mountaineering supplies. Dirk took the day to pass the new shard to those that they trusted, including the priest of Daneel who realized that this day was the day that he needed to cast his ritual upon the great chimera skeleton in town, which was just starting to wake as the ritual was finally performed.

Soldier travelled out to the cave by the road to check on young Ricimer and her horses. She passed to him the enchanted gray stone, and found everything well taken care of.



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