Nearly 6 feet tall; broad-chested and muscularly built; sallow skin w/ sunken, hazel-blue eyes; coarse, tonsured, black hair with a forked beard. He wears red-trimmed black leather along with a black-haired leather cap helm that makes his head look square


Hatter’s right leg was injured upon coming to consciousness. Seen bare of his clothing, Hatter is covered in intricate ‘scars’ that look demonic to the untrained eye.

His actions would lead one to believe he is capable with his blade; if he is a bookworm then he is an athletic one; and, he is near fearless in the face of flame, collapsing building, or a zombie fight.

Since awakening Hatter is friendly enough but appears cautious in his dealings; he has acted emotionally reserved but protective of the young or the injured. He shares information but definitely delays and appears worried and contemplative at times.



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