Important Villagers

This page will list many of the people that have been met or are known of.

Vitellian (assumed true name)
Assumed to be the ‘new’ Consul, who took over the village. Assumed to be the man in the portrait currently held by Hatter (from the Consul office). Is the man that was hunted by Soldier, and appears to be the former master of Q.

Lefty (true name – ________ Aquilinus)
Was involved in the fight in the Consul office, and is assumed to be a member of Hatter’s conspiracy (given a gray stone). Was a guard until Vitellian took over, may have been the captain.

Ricimer, Mother (true name – ________ Ricimer)
Someone that was friends with Hatter before the Awakening. Assumed to be a member of Hatter’s conspiracy. Butcher. Has a son and a husband that she is trying to avoid.

Ricimer, Son (true name – ______ Ricimer)
Mother Ricimer’s son. Assumed to be a member of Hatter’s conspiracy. Woke up in a cave caring for Soldier’s group’s horses.

Helesse (real name assumed – _______ Dio)
Friendly with Hatter before the Awakening, daughter of the old Consul. Assumed to be a member of Hatter’s conspiracy, assumed to have barred the doors of the barracks the night of the fight before the Awakening. Currently working as the temporary Consul’s clerk.

Aquilinus – AKA Not-Aquilinus (real name unknown (but not Aquilinus))
Captain of the guard during the Awakening. Was assumed to be Captain Aquilinus afterwards. Was given the position of temporary Consul, with Helesse as his clerk. Later admitted that he knew (due to memories) that he was not Aquilinus, and in fact seems to have been the cohort of Vitellian before the Awakening.

Captain Rex (assumed real name)
Captain of Highpeak Fortress.

Sergeant Pulcher (assumed real name)
Sergeant of Highpeak Fortress.

Aristese Dio (assumed real name)
The old Consul of Highpeak Village. Helesse’s mother, and current in a coma.

Arrastus Hato (real name)
Unknown individual. Was a prisoner within the barracks during the Awakening, but escaped. Name is known, but not linked to any person within the village.

Greganis (real name)
Town toolsmith, and fixer of Dirk’s armor.

Domitia (real name)
Priestess of Bisd, and one of the people fighting for control of the village. Settled for being the religious guide for the villagers.

Tubolius (real name is known but refused)
Exotic general store owner and adventure seeker. Father of Cloedin (Pen), and currently on a mission to make his way down the collapsed mountain pass to seek help.

Pen (real name – Cloedin)
Young girl and ally. Daughter of Tubolius the store owner and runner of the store.

Priest (real name unknown)
Priest of Daneel.

Galen (real name unknown)
Town barber/surgeon.

Tanner (real name unknown)
Acid-scarred man. Assumed leatherworker.

Ozan (real name unknown)
Drunkard with a sword.

Madam Innkeeper (real name unknown)
Older woman and assumed innkeeper. Has an assumed family member (either young husband or older son) and a two year old daughter that were saved by the group by the fire during the Awakening.

Atticus (real name unknown)
Man claiming to have been a beggar, but his stories have left the group questioning.

Slave (real name unknown)
Seemingly the only slave left in the village. Currently missing, assumed taken by the black mist creature (assumed Vitellian).

Non-Village People:

Soldier’s Group:

A dark haired man in black chain armor, found dead in the Consul office after the Awakening. Later discovered that his cause of death is questionable.

Follower of Daneel, with a tattooed face. Died outside the Consul office during the fight of the Awakening, seemingly fighting off controlled villagers.

Dirk’s Group:

Dirk’s man cohort from his days as a knight in Cydinthia.

Important Villagers

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